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Service Pledge

(Applicable to Individual Policies in Hong Kong)

Service Scope Service Type Service Pledge1,2
Online Application3 Paper Form Application/Manual Processing
Insurance Application Approval of all types of new policies4 8 working hours
"Speedy Application Service"
(please refer to Chinese version)
2.5 working days
Policy Servicing Change of information Simple change5 Real-time completion 3 working days
Other change6 N/A
Value Withdrawal7 Maturity payment Real-time completion 2 working days
Other withdrawals8 N/A
Individual Claims9 Hospitalization Benefit (inpatient expenses/hospital income) / Outpatient & Accidental Medical Expenses / Newborn Baby Bonus
(The amount of each medical receipt ≤HKD2,000)
1 working day 4 working days
Hospitalization Benefit (inpatient expenses/hospital income)/ Outpatient Expenses/ Accidental Benefit (accidental medical expenses/accidental weekly income/disabilities)/ Critical Illness/ Female Benefit/ Waiver of Premium/ Terminal Illness
(The amount of each medical receipt of out-patient/hospitalization/accidental medical expenses>HKD2,000)
3 working days
Death Claims N/A
Customer Service Telephone enquiries N/A Answer rate ≥ 95%
Reply/progress update to complaint cases 30 calendar days
Response to general written enquiries10 Check the information in "Customer Portal" instantly and no need to wait for written reply 4 working days

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the above pledges are applicable to cases in which all required documents are received for immediate processing at the time of application and no additional documents/follow-up is required.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, the definition of first working day/calendar day shall be the first working day/calendar day following the day on which we received all required documents.
  3. Online application includes "e-Appl" for insurance application and "Customer Portal"for policy service/individual claims.
  4. Service pledge for "Approval of all types of new policies" is counted from the time of receipt of all required documents to underwriting approval.
  5. "Simple Change" include change of address/telephone number/email address, individual self certification (CRS) - (Individual/Entity/Controlling Person), change of payment mode, payment options and information.
  6. "Other Change" includes change of personal information of policyholder and insured, policy ownership transfer(change of policyholder), change of beneficiary, etc., except for change types mentioned in "Simple Change".
  7. Service pledge for "Withdrawal" solely refers to approval of application excluding payment procedure which service time may be vary from designated payment option. In general, direct payment to bank account may take around 3 working days, cheque payment may take around 7 working days whereas other payment options may take around 14 working days depending on respective bank.
  8. "Other withdrawals" includes policy loan, withdrawal of policy benefits (accumulated dividends/cash coupons/guaranteed annuity payments), refund of extra premiums paid and policy termination.
  9. Service pledge for "Individual Claims" solely refers to service time for approval of claims which follow-up is not required (excluded payment procedure).
  10. "Response to general written enquiries" includes confirmation of beneficiary/policyholder, modal premium amount, the latest policy loan amount, policy status, etc.