Endowment 65 (Annuity Version)

Endowment 65 (Annuity Version)

Product Summary

To build an adequate retirement reserve and ensure a steady income stream for the future, you should invest in a suitable retirement plan. Endowment 65 (Annuity Version) (the “Plan”) establishes a retirement reserve, delivers guaranteed retirement incomes and provides life protection, allowing you to enjoy a carefree retirement without the need to undergo medical underwriting.

Product Icons

Guaranteed Annuity Payments


Annual Dividends


Life Protection


Multiple Premium Payment Terms

Product Features

 Guaranteed annuity payments for a maximum of 20 years

Starting from the 1st policy anniversary after the insured reaches age 65, the guaranteed annuity payments1,2 are payable for 20 years at an amount of 6.6% of the sum assured every year. You can opt to withdraw2 guaranteed annuity payments immediately as cash payment to pay daily expenses. Alternatively, you can accumulate that in the policy to earn interest1, and cash out accumulated guaranteed annuity incomes and interest1 (if any) in the policy at anytime to suits your needs.

 Flexible use of potential dividends

While the policy is in force, you will receive a non-guaranteed dividend1 on each policy anniversary. You can choose to accumulate the non-guaranteed dividends in the policy to earn interest1, or withdraw2 that in cash, giving you flexibility.

 Ease your worries with life protection

If the insured unfortunately passes away while the policy is in force, the Plan will pay a death benefit to the beneficiary. If the insured passes away before the 1st policy anniversary at age 65, an amount equivalent to the sum assured, plus accumulated non-guaranteed dividends1 and interest1 (if any), less all indebtedness (if any) will be payable. If the insured passes away on or after the 1st policy anniversary at age 65, an amount equivalent to the guaranteed cash value on the date of death, plus accumulated guaranteed annuity payments and interest1 (if any), accumulated non-guaranteed dividends1 and interest1 (if any), less all indebtedness (if any) will be payable.

 Different premium payment term options to accommodate your financial needs

Under the Plan, you may choose to pay your premiums in 10, 15 or 20 years, allowing you to budget flexibly. The premium amount remains fixed throughout the premium payment term, easing your financial planning.

Product Details

Endowment 65 (Annuity Version)

Premium payment term and issue age
Premium payment term Issue age
10 years 15 days to age 50
15 years 15 days to age 45
20 years 15 days to age 40
Benefit term To age 84 of the insured
Premium payment mode Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly3, annual and premium prepayment4
Policy currency HKD or USD
Minimum sum assured HKD50,000 or USD6,250


  1. The interest of guaranteed annuity payment, as well as the dividends and interest are not guaranteed. The actual benefits and/or returns may be lower or higher than the estimates. China Life (Overseas) reserves the right to revise these from time to time. The actual amount of dividend is subject to the overall performance of China Life (Overseas)’s participating businesses, including investment returns and claims, etc.
  2. You may withdraw guaranteed annuity payments and/or non-guaranteed dividends at any time without any charge, however, the policy value and death benefit will be affected in case of withdrawal.
  3. If the required renewal premium is paid by you within the grace period, the policy shall continue to be in force. For details, please refer to the policy provisions issued by China Life (Overseas). If the policy is lapsed or surrendered early, the policy cash value received by you may be considerably less than the total amount of the premium paid.
  4. If you choose the annual and premium prepayment option, you can withdraw the unused prepaid premium (including interest, if any) at one time. China Life (Overseas) will charge 3% of the withdrawal amount, at a minimum amount of CNY200. You can withdraw the unused premiums once only. The interest rate of prepaid premium is 2.5% p.a. and this interest rate is guaranteed.

Important Information

The above information is for reference only. The detailed terms, conditions and exclusions of the Plan are subject to the relevant policy contract.

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