MyTreasure Insurance Plan (Supreme)

MyTreasure Insurance Plan (Supreme)

Product Summary

With regular guaranteed cash coupons, MyTreasure Insurance Plan (Supreme) (the “Plan”) offers you a stable stream of income regardless of economy so that you can accomplish various financial goals. The Plan also provides you with long-term wealth accumulation potential through non-guaranteed dividends and terminal dividend. In addition, you can also pass a legacy to the future generations to plan for a prosperous future for your loved ones.

Product Icons

Guaranteed Cash Coupons


Annual Dividends


Terminal Dividend


Passing on wealth


Maturity Benefit

Product Features

 Guaranteed cash coupons during the first 25 policy years

To provide you with stable return as early as possible, the guaranteed cash coupons of the Plan will be distributed at the beginning of each policy year. That means you will start to enjoy guaranteed cash coupons right after the Plan is in force. The coupons are payable until the beginning of the 25th policy year.

Premium payment term Guaranteed cash coupons (percentage of the basic amount1)
5 3.0%
10 2.5%

In addition, you can receive an additional cash coupon which is equal to 3.0% (applicable to 5-year premium payment term policy(ies)) or 2.5% (applicable to 10-year premium payment term policy(ies)) of the basic amount1 at the beginning of the 25th policy year.


You may leave the guaranteed cash coupons in the policy to accumulate interest2, or withdraw3 that, or use that to pay future premiums.

 Dividends payable starting from the 25th policy anniversary

Non-guaranteed dividends2 (if any) will be payable every year from the 25th policy anniversary onwards, allowing you to accumulate wealth continuously. You may leave the non-guaranteed dividends in the policy to accumulate interest2 or withdraw3 the money as you wish.

 Bolster your returns with terminal dividend

Depending on premium payment term and policy currency, the Plan will provide terminal dividend4 (if any) from the 10th policy anniversary the earliest, which helps to further boost up the potential return.

 Maturity benefit helps preserve your capital

When the insured reaches age 138, the Plan will provide a maturity benefit which is equivalent to the guaranteed cash value plus accumulated guaranteed cash coupons and interest (if any), accumulated non-guaranteed dividends and interest (if any), and terminal dividend (if any), less all indebtedness (if any). The policy will be terminated thereafter.

 Unlimited change of insured to pass on wealth across generations

The Plan gives your wealth more time to grow and pass on through generations. It allows you to change the insured at any time after the policyholder has paid out all the premium in the 5th policy year (applicable to 5-year premium payment term policy(ies)) or the 10th policy year (applicable to 10-year premium payment term policy(ies)) for unlimited times while the insured is alive. The benefit term will be extended to age 138 of the new insured5 upon each change.

 Life protection provides peace of mind to your loved ones

A. Life protection

If the insured passes away while the policy is in force, we will pay the beneficiary a death benefit which is equivalent to:

101% of the accumulated premium due and paid after deducting guaranteed cash coupons paid, or the guaranteed cash value of the basic plan at the date of death of the insured, whichever is higher;

+ accumulated guaranteed cash coupons and interest (if any);

+ accumulated non-guaranteed dividends and interest (if any);

+ terminal dividend (if any);

- all indebtedness (if any).


B. Accidental death benefit

The Plan provides accidental death benefit to the beneficiary. In the event the insured unfortunately dies from an accidental injury, the beneficiary will receive an additional coverage.

Prior to the insured reaches age 66 and within the first 10 policy years from the policy effective date, if the insured suffers from accidental injury caused by an accident, and dies from the accidental injury within 180 days (both dates inclusive) from the date of the occurrence of the accidental injury, the Company will pay to the beneficiary 100% of the basic amount1 or HKD500,000/USD62,500, whichever is lower, in addition to the death benefit. This policy shall then terminate.

If the insured is covered under other policies issued by the Company, the total amount payable by the Company for the death of insured due to accident shall not exceed HKD1,000,000/USD125,000.


C. Death benefit and accidental death benefit settlement option

While the insured is alive, he or she can choose how the death benefit and accidental death benefit (if any) is to be paid6 to safeguard his or her family’s financial future. The benefits can be settled in a lump sum or by annual instalments with a fixed amount over a fixed payment term of 10 or 20 years.

If the death benefit at the date of the insured’s death is less than HKD400,000/ USD50,000, or the policyholder does not specify any settlement option, we will pay out the benefit amount to the beneficiary in a lump sum.

 Simplified underwriting

To enable you to achieve your goal with ease, the Plan offers simplified underwriting procedures of which no medical examination is required.

Product Details

MyTreasure Insurance Plan (Supreme)

Premium payment term and issue age

Premium payment term

Issue age

5 years 15 days to age 80
10 years 15 days to age 75

Benefit term

To age 138 of the latest insured

Premium payment mode

Annual7; or annual and premium prepayment8 (applicable to 5 years premium payment term)

Policy currency


Minimum basic amount1

HKD80,000 or USD10,000

Maximum basic amount1

HKD40,000,000 or USD5,000,000


  1. “Basic amount” means the amount shown on the policy information page or endorsement as the “basic amount”. The “basic amount” is used to calculate premium, guaranteed cash value, accidental death benefit (if any), cash coupons, dividends (if any) and terminal dividend (if any), but it is not applicable to the calculation of the death benefit. If the basic amount has been amended while this policy is in force, the said premium, guaranteed cash value, accidental death benefit (if any), cash coupons, dividends (if any) and terminal dividend (if any) will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. The dividends and interest are not guaranteed. The actual benefits and/or returns may be lower or higher than the estimates. China Life (Overseas) reserves the right to revise these from time to time. The actual amount of dividends is subject to the overall performance of China Life (Overseas)’s participating businesses, including investment returns and claims, etc.
  3. You may withdraw the cash coupons and/or dividends at any time without any charge, however, the policy value and death benefit will be affected in case of withdrawal of cash coupons and/or dividends.
  4. Terminal dividend is non-guaranteed and is a one-time dividend. It is not perpetually attached to the policy. The amount of the terminal dividend will be subject to adjustment when it is declared. Terminal dividend may become zero in some circumstances. For more information, please refer to clause 5 and clause 6 under “Important information” and “Non-guaranteed benefit” risk.
    Starting from the 10th policy anniversary (applicable to 5-year premium payment term policy(ies) denominated in HKD & USD and 10-year premium payment term policy(ies) denominated in USD) or the 11th policy anniversary (applicable to 10-year premium payment term policy(ies) denominated in HKD), the terminal dividend shall be paid upon the occurrence of the earliest of the following conditions:
    a) when the death benefit is paid;
    b) when the policy is surrendered; or
    c) when the policy reaches the policy maturity date.
  5. The new insured must have insurable interest with the policyholder. The new insured must be aged between 15 days after birth and 80 (applicable to 5-year premium payment term policy(ies)) or 75 (applicable to 10-year premium payment term policy(ies)) and must not be older than the attained age of the current insured, whichever is lower. The new insured is also subject to the applicable terms and conditions determined by us from time to time. Both current insured and new insured should be alive during the application for change of insured, which is subject to the prevailing administrative rules of China Life (Overseas). The basic amount, cash value, policy date, policy year, premium expiry date, accumulated premium due and paid, death benefit, accidental death benefit, cash coupons (if any), accumulated cash coupons with interest (if any), dividends (if any), accumulated dividends (if any) with interest (if any) and policy indebtedness (if any) will remain unchanged after the change of insured.
  6. For the instalment option, the remaining balance of death benefit and accidental death benefit (if any) will be deposited in the policy to accumulate interest until the end of the payment term. The interest will be calculated on an annual basis and it is non-guaranteed which will be determined by us from time to time. The accumulated interest will be paid together with the last instalment of death benefit and accidental death benefit (if any). If the beneficiary dies during the settlement period of the death benefit and accidental death benefit (if any), we will pay the remaining balance of the death benefit and accidental death benefit (if any) with interest (if any) in a lump sum payment to the estate of the deceased beneficiary.
  7. If the required renewal premium is paid by you within the grace period, the policy shall continue to be in force. For details, please refer to the policy provisions issued by China Life (Overseas). If the policy is lapsed or surrendered early, the policy cash value received by you may be considerably less than the total amount of the premium paid.
  8. If you choose the annual and premium prepayment option, you can withdraw the unused prepaid premium (including interest, if any) at one time. China Life (Overseas) will charge 3% of the withdrawal amount, at a minimum amount of HKD200/USD25. You can withdraw the unused premiums once only. The interest rate of prepaid premium is 2% p.a. and this interest rate is guaranteed.

Important Information

The above information is for reference only. The detailed terms, conditions and exclusions of the Plan are subject to the relevant policy contract.

Product Important

Important Information:

The information above is for reference only. Please refer to the Policy documents for the complete definitions of the capitalised terms, as well as all the terms and conditions of this product. You are reminded to review all of the relevant product materials provided to you and to seek independent professional advice if necessary.

  1. The Policy is underwritten by China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited (“China Life (Overseas)” or "us / we / our"). China Life (Overseas) is responsible for the features, underwriting and benefit payments under the Policy. You should fully understand all of the risks involved in this product and consider whether this product is affordable and suitable to you before making your application.
  2. China Life (Overseas) shall make the final decisions on the underwriting and claims. We shall rely on your submitted information to assess whether to accept or decline your application, and shall refund any Premium paid without interest for declined cases.
  3. Exclusions - The Accidental Death Benefit under this Policy shall not cover any claims if the Insured is involved in any of the following activities or the consequences directly or indirectly caused by any of the following events occur in respect of the Insured: (a) war, act of hostility (whether war declared or not), civil war, revolution or any military actions; (b) rebellion, civil commotion, strike or activities of terrorism; (c) contamination resulting from nuclear weapons, ionizing radiation, nuclear fuel or waste produced from the combustion of nuclear fuel (the said nuclear combustion shall include any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission); (d) during war, act of hostility (whether war declared or not), any military actions or repression of rebellion, the Insured is engaging in or taking part in military services; (e) directly or indirectly caused by the Insured engaging in aviation, except as a passenger on an aircraft of a commercial airline on a scheduled route; (f) self-inflicted injuries or suicide (whether sane or not) by or attempted by the Insured (whether felony or not); (g) childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion, even if it is accelerated or induced by an Accident ; (h) surgery operated on the Insured and induced by disease, infected disease or incident that is not caused by an Accident ; (i) taking of poison or inhaling poisonous gas or poisonous mist (whether voluntary or not); except Accidental inhaling by the Insured in a fire ; (j) the Insured as a professional athlete participating in sports or earning income or remuneration through the sports; (k) participating in hunting, mountaineering, motor racing, horse racing, ice-skiing, skiing, scuba-diving, parachuting, hang-gliding, boxing or any other competitions or performances; (l) while the Insured is on duty as a professional driver and is entering, driving, operating, servicing, riding in or departing from any land vehicle or conveyance outside the territorial limits of Hong Kong and Macau; (m) the Insured is assaulted or murdered during rebellion, civil commotion, strikes or when making an arrest while the Insured is employed as a full-time or part-time police officer or cadet officer, or is an officer or a member of the Correctional Services Department; or (n) the Insured is assaulted or murdered during rebellion, civil commotion or strikes while the Insured is employed as a fireman, or is on duty as a fireman and is engaging in firefighting or activities for protecting people and property in a fire.

    In addition, the information stated in this product brochure is for reference only. Please refer to the General Provisions for the exact terms and conditions and limitations such as incontestability, suicide and fraud etc. or all exclusions.
  4. Non-Payment of Premium / Automatic Premium Loan - You should pay Premium(s) on time according to the selected Premium payment schedule. If the due Premium remains unpaid upon the expiry of the Grace Period, an Automatic Premium Loan will be taken out against the Policy to settle the unpaid Premium automatically. All Policy Loans are interest-bearing and calculated at a rate (as stated on our corporate website to be declared by us from time to time. Interest accrued shall become a part of the Indebtedness. When the loan balance is equal to or exceeds the guaranteed Cash Value of the basic plan of the Policy, the Policy will be lapsed and you will lose the related insurance coverage and suffer a financial loss. Under these circumstances, the Surrender Value of the Policy will be deducted to repay the outstanding loan balance (including interest), and the remaining value will be refunded to you.
  5. Dividend and/or Crediting Interest Philosophy - This is a participating and/or providing interest on accumulation insurance plan. Premiums received from the policies will be invested to a variety of assets according to China Life (Overseas)’s investment strategy. The surplus from the invested assets will be shared with Policyholder through declared dividends and/or interest rate on accumulation in accordance with the relevant clause in the benefit provision. China Life (Overseas) will ensure a fair sharing of profits among different groups of policyholders and also between policyholders and China Life (Overseas). China Life (Overseas) will review and determine the dividend and/or interest rate on accumulation at least once a year, the current projection on dividend and/or interest rate on accumulation are not guaranteed and subject to change with the entire performance of the relevant policies and the factor including but not limited to the investment returns, operating expense, claims experience, commission, persistency, past experience and future prospect. In addition, China Life (Overseas) will consider both past and future outlooks of all factors including but not limited to:

    Claims – including the costs of providing death benefit as well as other benefits under the product(s).

    Investment return – including the interest income, dividend income, outlook of interest rates and any changes in the market value of the product’s backing asset.

    Expenses – including both direct expenses (e.g. commissions, underwriting, issue and premium collection expenses) and indirect expenses (e.g. general overhead expenses) related to the product.

    Persistency – including policy lapse and partial surrender experience.

      Note: The dividend or interest rate history is not an indicator of the future performance of this product. 

  6. Investment Philosophy, Policy and Strategy - China Life (Overseas) aims to strive for minimizing volatility of the investment return and provides stable return as our investment philosophy. Assets are mainly invested in bonds and other fixed income instruments, such as government and corporate bonds and other fixed income instruments to support the guaranteed financial obligation. To enhance the performance of the investment portfolio, China Life (Overseas) invests in equity-type investments and other investment instruments such as mutual funds and direct / indirect investment in properties or commercial institutions.

    The investment portfolio will be diversified across different geographic regions and /or industries. Investment strategy will be subject to change depending on the market conditions and the economic outlook. China Life (Overseas) will inform Policyholder the relevant changes in dividend and/or interest rate on accumulation and the impact to the policies when there is change in the investment strategy.

    China Life (Overseas)’s current investment strategy on participating and/or providing interest on accumulation plans are as follow:
    Asset type Target Asset Mix (%)
    Bonds and other fixed income instruments 50% to 90%
    Equity-type investment and other investments 10% to 50%
    Please refer to China Life (Overseas) Company’s website for dividend history, Dividend and/or Crediting Interest Philosophy, Investment Philosophy, Policy and Strategy, as well as the fulfillment ratio of China Life (Overseas).
  7. Cooling-off Right - You have the right to cancel the Policy within the Cooling-off Period and obtain a refund of any Premiums paid by giving written notice to us provided that you have not made any claims under the Policy. Such notice must be signed by you and submitted to China Life (Overseas) at 22/F, CLI Building, 313 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong within 21 days after the delivery of the Policy or issue of a Notice to you or your representative informing you that the Policy is available, whichever is earlier.
What are the key product risks?
Credit risk: This product is a life insurance Policy issued by China Life (Overseas). Any Premium paid will become part of our assets and our financial strength will affect our ability to meet our contractual obligations to you under the Policy. Therefore this product is subject to our credit risk.
Early surrender risk: The savings component of the Plan is subject to risks and possible losses. Should you surrender the Policy early, you may receive an amount considerably less than the total amount of Premiums paid.
Exchange rate and Currency risks: Any Policy with foreign currencies involves risks, such as potential changes in political or economic conditions that may substantially affect the price or liquidity of a currency. The fluctuations in exchange rates may also cause financial losses to you during currency conversions. You should consider the potential currency and exchange rate risks before deciding which Policy currency you should take.
Inflation risk: The cost of living in the future may be higher than expected due to the effects of inflation. Therefore, your current planned benefits and/or returns may be insufficient to meet your future needs even if we fulfill all of our contractual terms and obligations.
Liquidity and Withdrawal risk: You are obliged to hold the Policy and pay the Premium for the designated period of time. If you terminate the Policy prior to the Policy Maturity Date, you will suffer a financial loss. In case you make partial withdrawals from the Policy, your account value, death benefit and other Policy values will be reduced, and you may need to pay the relevant handling fee or charges (if any).
Non-guaranteed Benefit: This Plan consists of non-guaranteed benefits and/or returns. The actual amounts of benefits and/or returns in the future may be different from the benefits and/or returns which project on the product materials. The product materials are for illustrative purposes only.
Policy Termination: The Policy will be terminated if (a) the Policy is lapsed or surrendered; or (b) the Company has paid the Policy Maturity Benefit; (c) the Company has paid the death benefit, (d) the due Premium has not been paid within 31 days after the Premium Due Date, and the Policy has no remaining guaranteed Cash Value, or (e) the Indebtedness of the Policy is equal to or exceeds the guaranteed Cash Value of the Policy.


The information and descriptions contained herein are not intended to be complete descriptions of all terms, exclusions and conditions applicable to the products and services, but are provided solely for general informational purposes. For complete details please refer to the actual policy or the relevant product or services agreement.


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