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 List of Designated Hospitals in China

List of Designated Hospitals

Any Hospital Benefit, Hospital Income Benefit and Critical Illness Benefit by customers in China, must be hospitalized, diagnosed and/or having surgery/treatment at Grade 3A Hospitals designated by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China or designated by Our Company. Our Company has sole discretion to change or amend from time to time. Any changes or amendments shall be deemed as effective on the date of publication on the China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited website.

《List of Designated Hospitals/Medical Center in China applicable to new application》
(Chinese Only)
《List of Designated Hospitals (non 3A) in China (For Individual Claims)》 (Chinese Only)
《List of Designated Hospitals (non 3A) in China (For Group Hospitalization Claims)》
(Chinese Only)
《List of Hospitals for Hospitalization Direct Billing Service in China (For Individual Claims)》(Chinese Only)

Last edited on August 2023