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 Form Library

Personal Information Change

  • HK-CS-CHG-01
    Change of Owner Address / Telephone Numbers / Email Address
  • HK-CS-CHG-11
    Request for Change of Owner & Insured Information / Occupation/ Signature

Policy Information Change

  • HK-CS-CHG-02
    Request for Policy Ownership Transfer
  • HK-CS-CHG-03
    Request for Change of Payment Mode
  • HK-CS-CHG-05
    Collateral Assignment / Release of Collateral Assignment Form
  • HK-CS-CHG-06
    Policy Donation and Beneficiary Appointment Form
  • HK-CS-CHG-07
    Request for Change of Policy Coverage
  • HK-CS-CHG-08
    Request for policy Reinstatement
  • HK-CS-SUP-1
    Supplemental To Change of Policy Information – General Information

Other Requests

  • HK-CS-CHG-04
    Policy Lost Declaration
    Personal Information Collection Statement
    WITNESS DECLARATION FORM (Customer Service As Witness)
    WITNESS DECLARATION FORM (For Policy Service Use)

Self Certification (Policy Service)

    Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person (Applicable for existing client)
    Self-Certification Form – Entity (Applicable for existing client)
    Self-Certification Form – Individual (Applicable for existing client)