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    China Life Central Provident Fund Principal Brochure
  • ORSO_Notice_20191231
    Notice to Participating Employers and Members (31 December 2019)
  • ORSO_Notice_20180108
    Notice to Participating Employers and Members (1 January 2018)
  • ORSO_ChangeERinfo
    Change of Employer's Information Form
  • ORSO_NewMember
    New Member Enrollment Form
  • ORSO_Addition
    Report of Addition
  • ORSO_ChangeMemberData
    Report on Change of Particulars of Member's Data
  • ORSO_Withdrawal
    Withdrawal Form
  • Annex_A_to_V_11
    Claim Form for Withdrawal of Minimum MPF Benefits from MPF Exempted ORSO Registered Scheme [FORM MMB - W)]