I CARE Medical Insurance Plan

I CARE Medical Insurance Plan

Product Summary

You need a wholelife medical insurance plan to counter the escalating medical costs resulting from longer life span and medical technology advancement, and that’s why I CARE Medical Insurance Plan (“the Plan”) provides comprehensive hospitalisation coverage to back you up.

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Product Icons

Hospital and Surgical Benefit


Outpatient Surgery Protection


Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal


Death Benefit


Optional Benefit

Product Features

  Comprehensive medical coverage

If you are admitted to a hospital or received a surgery, the Plan will provide coverage on the related expenses incurred on a reimbursement basis to release your financial burden.

  • Hospital and surgical benefit:
    • Covers a wide range of hospitalization expenses, such as room and board, in-patient attendance fees, in-patient specialist’s fee, operating theatre fees and intensive care fees, etc..
    • Pre- and post-hospitalization out-patient benefit: including 2 pre-hospitalization diagnosis-related outpatient visits, and medically necessary outpatient treatments conducted for the same illness or injury within 6 weeks after the discharge.
    • Cancer treatment and dialysis benefit: including charges for cancer treatments of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cyberknife and gamma knife, as well as for dialysis conducted during hospital confinement.
  • Outpatient surgery protection:

    If the surgery is conducted in a clinic or at a hospital’s outpatient clinic, the Plan will offer outpatient surgery benefit to reimburse your expenses for surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist fees, and operation theatre charges. If such surgery is conducted in the Mainland China, this benefit will be payable only when the outpatient surgery is conducted in a hospital of tertiary A-level or above.

  • Hospital cash benefit for confinement in Hong Kong public hospital1

    If the insured is admitted to a public hospital or a medical institution managed by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority due to an illness or an injury, and such confinement lasts for 24 consecutive hours or above, the Plan will pay a daily cash benefit up to HKD1,000/USD128 per day.

Please refer to the “benefits schedule” of the relevant product brochure for the details.

  Guaranteed renewal2 up to age 100

Regardless of the insured’s future physical condition, the Plan is guaranteed renewable up to age 100 of the insured, giving you the peace of mind.

  Death benefit

In the event that the insured passes away while the policy is in force, HKD8,000/USD1,000 will be provided to the beneficiary as death benefit.

  24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service3

If the insured is diagnosed with an illness or is injured in an accident outside the country of residence, he or she can access comprehensive coverage under the free 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service.

  Optional benefits:

You may enroll into the following items to enhance your coverage.

A. Supplementary medical benefit
If the actual medical expenses of benefit items under hospital and surgical benefit in “benefits schedule” exceed the maximum benefit limit, the “supplementary medical benefit” will pay up to 80% of the actual medical expenses not covered, less deductible.

B.Hospital cash benefit1, 7
Regardless of hospitalization charges, a fixed amount of hospital cash will be payable starting from the 3rd day4 of the hospital confinement. This benefit is payable for up to 182 days per policy year.

Please refer to the “benefits schedule” of the product brochure of the Plan for the details.

Product Details

I CARE Medical Insurance Plan

Plan type Combo medical plan
Issue age: 15 days to age 69
Benefit term: To age 100 of the insured
Premium payment term: To age 99 of the insured
Premium payment mode: Annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly
Plan level: Plan 1: private
Plan 2: semi-private
Plan 3: ward
Policy currency: HKD or USD
Renewal Guaranteed renewal2


  1. If the insured is admitted to a public hospital or a medical institutions under Hospital Authority of Hong Kong and enrolled into the hospital cash benefit (optional), both hospital cash benefit for confinement in Hong Kong public hospital and hospital cash benefit (optional) will apply.
  2. China Life (Overseas) reserves the right to review the premium rates on each policy anniversary and revises the terms and conditions and/or the benefit items of the policy from time to time. If we decide to no longer offer the Plan, we will endeavor to enroll the insured in another available medical plan.
  3. 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service is provided by a third party service provider. China Life (Overseas) shall not be liable for any matter in connection with the services. China Life (Overseas) reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions thereof from time to time without prior notice.
  4. One day of hospital confinement means 24 hours.
  5. A referral letter is only valid for the same or related condition for 6 months from the issue date. Another referral letter is required for treatment of a new or unrelated condition.
  6. Emergency out-patient for accidents means the insured suffers an injury caused by an accident, and receives emergency treatment in an outpatient department or emergency room of a hospital within 24 hours from the date of the accident. China Life (Overseas) will reimburse the eligible expenses for consultation, western medicine, diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests, as well as other related medical fees incurred for services.
  7. If the hospital confinement occurs in a place other than North America, New Zealand, Thailand, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Mainland China (tertiary A-level hospitals or above), Hong Kong or Macau, the maximum benefit limit payable for the hospital cash benefit will be reduced by 50%.

Important Information:

The above information is for reference only. The detailed terms, conditions and exclusions of the Plan are subject to the relevant policy contract.

You have the right to purchase the medical insurance product as a standalone plan instead of bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.

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