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Guaranteed Cash Coupons


Annual Dividends


Terminal Dividend


Maturity Benefit


Pass on wealth across generations


Hospital and Surgical Benefit


Outpatient Surgery Protection


Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal


Death Benefit


Optional Benefit


Death Benefit and International Emergency Assistance Service


Protection Against Specialised Critical Illness(es)


Affordable Premium


Protection Against Cancers


Comprehensive Cancer Protection


Extended care benefits support recovery


Ancillary Service for recovery


No Lifetime Limit


Full Coverage for Most Benefits


Direct Billing Service


All-round Protection


No Claim Deductible Discount


118% Premium Refund when Policy Matures


11 Years' Daily Hospital Income Benefit


Intensive Care Unit Extra Hospital Income Benefit


Life Protection and Cancer Benefit

Plan type: Hospital cash
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You have the right to purchase the medical insurance product as a standalone plan instead of bundling with other type(s) of insurance product.

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Multiple Premium Payment Terms


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