Multiple Potential Returns


Switch Policy Currency Flexibly


Policy Split Option


Comprehensive Legacy Tools


Multiple Potential Returns


Terminal Dividend Management Option


Flexible Financial Management


Passing on Wealth


Additional Death Benefit


Potential Wealth Growth


Terminal Dividend Management Option


Substantial Life Protection


Annuity Conversion Option


Up to 100% Premium Refund


Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit


Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Benefit


Double Indemnity Benefit


Accidental Medical Expenses Benefit


Monthly Annuity Income


Flexible Financial Management


Tax Deduction


Maturity Benefit


Life Protection


Death benefit


Accidental death benefit


Premium waiver


Optional riders


Hospital and Surgical Benefit


Outpatient Surgery Protection


Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal


Death Benefit


Optional Benefit


Critical Illness Benefit


Female Disease Benefit


Combining Savings & Protection


Comprehensive Protection


No Lifetime Limit


Full Coverage for Most Benefits


Direct Billing Service


All-round Protection


No Claim Deductible Discount


Accidental Hospitalization Medical Expenses Benefit


Hiking and Running Race Double Accidental Hospitalization Medical Expenses Benefit


Accidental Benefit Extension to Chinese Medication and General Practitioner Out-Patient Expenses


Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Benefit


Guaranteed Annuity Payments


CNY Policy


Annual Dividends


Life Protection


Lifelong Protection


Guaranteed Cash Value




Optional Additional Protection

Choice of multiple funds

Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions

Diversified Services

Online Applications

Approved Retirement Schemese



Investment Manager