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 Payment Methods

1. If the payment is equal to or over HKD120,000.00 equivalent, proof of payment with payor’s name should be submitted.

2. Payment should be paid by the Policyholder/Insured or Policyholder’s immediate relative (e.g. spouse, parents, children or siblings above 18) or person(s) in the specified categories. Identity document(s) may need to be provided upon request. The rights of acceptance of payment would be reserved by our company.

3. 《Third Party Payment Instruction Form》 should be submitted if the payor is not the Policyholder/Insured but the designated third party that indicated above.

4. If the third party payment is over HKD500,000.00 equivalent, a copy of the identity card of the Third Party Payor and relationship proof between Policyholder should be submitted.